Rollin’ with Soma Street Food Park for Lumpia Palooza

Soma Street Food Park at 428 11th St. @ Division St. San Francisco

The aptly named Soma Street Food Park hosted Lumpia Palooza for the second year in a row last Sunday, Oct 22. The event showcased various Filipino food vendors with their own renditions on the humble lumpia. Tickets were sold online on Eventbrite for $5 and could also be purchased at the door. The event started at 11am but I decided to go about ten minutes earlier. There was already a line forming when a friend and I arrived, but we were able to enter within minutes of the event opening.

There were a few recognizable food trucks like Senor Sisig and the Jeepsilog truck but I wanted to try something new. The first stall that got our attention was the The Lumpia Shack with it’s bright yellow and red signage. A tray of 5 pieces lumpia shanghai and 5 pieces of lumpia shanghai topped with garlic cost with a sweet chili sauce dip cost us about $8. It was a perfect starter to snack on while we wandered around the venue.

   The Lumpia Shack     The Sarap Shop Dynamie Lumpia

Next up was The Sarap Shop, a staple of the street food park. We got an order of the Dynamite Lumpia which had serrano peppers, cheese, and pork and came with a sweet chili sauce and a garlicky tasting sauce. These were my friend’s favorite for the day because of how well the cheese went with the fried lumpia skins. It kinda reminded me of a quesadilla in terms of flavor.

The longest line we waited in was for the Jeepney Guy which had lechon, lumpia and chicharron on the menu. The way they prepared the pork reminded me of an Italian porchetta roast as the skin rolled up the center meat. I ordered a lechon silog plate that came with a side of kale salad. The savory pork skin was crunchy and definitely hit the spot.

   Jeepney Guy Lumpia     Jeepney Guy Lechon Plate

My friend and I were stuffed but there’s always room for dessert, no? Frozen Kuhsterd had a stall selling frozen custard bars. I got the cereal milk bar dipped in ube and then topped with more ube sprinkles. It was decadent and very filling because of the sprinkles. I was done for the day but I ended it on a high note with a satisfying dessert.

Frozen Kuhsterd Ube Cereal Milk Bar

After an hour and a half the place was filling up and lines became a lot longer. It was nice to see Filipino food being represented as well as seeing new Filipino food vendors spring up. Trying new spins on the typical lumpia shanghai was also fun as it makes me wonder what else I can stuff inside a fried spring roll. I’m looking forward to next year’s Lumpia Palooza!


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