"In Movement" Event with lululemon x CorePower Yoga | Burlingame, CA

lululemon athletica teamed up with CorePower Yoga last Saturday to bring us “In Movement”, an outdoor morning fitness class to get us moving. Jamie wasn’t able to attend but a friend of ours was happy to accompany me. It was held in Downtown Burlingame alongside the city’s 2nd Annual Fall Fest. We were in an outdoor environment and right in the middle of the street there was a live DJ set to elevate and uplift the crowd. As we walked by the set to check-in, there was already a big gathering of people on their yoga mats eager for the fitness activities to commence. The event was really well organized. They had a registration area, an infused water station with Goodness Knows snacks, as well as a sports nutrition sponsor (can’t recall the company). As we checked in, they gave us a lululemon goodie bag with samples and discount cards. Surprisingly, the event organizer was kind enough to gift us both a lululemon 3mm Reversible Yoga Mat (value $58 USD) for FREE! Yassss! I’m actually still stoked up about it and I can’t wait to use it at my next yoga or pilates class.

lululemon yoga mat and free goodies
lululemon goodie bag + the free yoga mat

At 11am, we started off with a cardio warm-up led by lululemon ambassador, Dario Trejo. Fresh beats were fused with exercises composed of squats, lunges and stretches. It sounds pretty easy but it was quite intense, especially to someone who hasn’t engaged in exercise recently (whoops). I was already feeling the burn and wondered how I would get through the 60-minute yoga session that followed.

lululemon x CorePower Yoga
General atmosphere (there were 50+ attendees!)

The upbeat tunes transitioned to ambient sounds. Vinyasa yoga was next up at 11:30 am by instructor, Ali Bye, from CorePower Yoga San Mateo. If you didn’t know, yoga has five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. For our session, we focused on fire, the element of transformation and inspiration. We incorporated breathing techniques and increased holding time of poses. Most of the poses were for core strengthening such as the plank, downward dog, leg lifts, and chair pose. It was very challenging! I had to take breaks intermittently. All levels were present and there was no judgment. You went at the pace that your body could handle which was what I liked.

my yoga mat 🙂

At the end of the event, I felt different and somewhat transformed. All that stress and tension I had completely melted off. This experience actually makes me want to practice yoga now (despite my inflexibility). I’ve taken a class or two at my gym in the past but withdrew as it was intimidating. I guess it’s about taking baby steps and practicing daily even for just 10 minutes. Generally, I had a great time zenning it out. I’m so glad to have participated in this event!

If you want to check out more events like this by lululemon Burlingame, visit their Facebook page. Also, CorePower Yoga San Mateo has a regular calendar of yoga classes that you can join if you’re interested. Namaste!


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