A Mini Pictorial of The Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco

I know you’ve all seen selfies upon selfies in front of their candylicious art installations on your social media feeds. No matter how many times it’s been posted, it just makes you eager to just be in the Museum of Ice Cream to bask in all of the sweetness. Jamie and I went through the struggle together trying to get tickets during Amex Presale and public release. Lucky enough, we were both able to score tickets and checked it out last month. So if you haven’t been able to get your golden ticket yet (their currently sold out), don’t fret. Follow our pictorial below to get a mini taste of the sweet life in San Francisco!
The Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco
Welcome to the Museum of Ice Cream! This is where the magic happens.

Ice Cream Vault
It’s a shakedown! We’re robbing MOIC for their ice cream!

Salt & Straw Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons ice cream
First treat of the day: Salt & Straw’s Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons ice cream

Salt & Straw Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons and Coffee Drizzle ice cream

Two scoops? Make it three. We’re not driving.

Ice Cream Truck Treats
Throwback ice cream truck treats on the wall! How many can you name?

Sweet dreams are made of these: Marshmallows, cherries & cotton candy.
(Oh, and that’s me in my truest form.)

Cotton Candy

It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

Pink Toy Soldiers
Left, right, left…Attention! On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

gummie bears, lollipops, candy, macarons

Gummie Bears, Lollipops, Macarons & Candy… What a dream come chew!

Unicorn & rainbows

Looks like our Lyft is here. Destination? To the pot of gold!

Unicorn Milk Ice Cream
Unicorn Milk Ice Cream magic in the air! Head to toe, so playa.

“Mirror, mirror in the disco ball room…” Hey, Jamie!

Sprinkles pool
A pool full of sprinkles and they dive in it (I love how this place is so lyrically quotable).

Sprinkles pool & Heart-shaped float
Here’s a close-up inside of the pool. ❤ We Heart Sprinkles 

Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles
A sweet ending to conclude our tour of the Museum of Ice Cream. The end.

And, there is much more to see beyond these pictures. We hope you guys enjoyed our glimpse of these flashes of delight! It turns out that the Museum of Ice Cream has extended their stay in San Francisco until February 2018. Visit http://www.museumoficecream.com and sign up for their newsletter to find out ticket release dates and further venue information.


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