Pinoy Heritage: 8 Course Filipino Inspired Dinner

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to try another Feastly meal in San Francisco. This time with Chef Francis Ang as he presented his Pinoy Heritage: 8 Course Filipino inspired dinner. Chef Ang has an impressive background from being named “People’s Best Pastry Chef” by Food and Wine magazine as well as working at renowned restaurant Gary Danko. I was excited to say the least so off we were to try our second Feastly experience. 

The venue was on the corner of a steep hill in the Nob Hill neighborhood. We arrived a few minutes before the start at 6:00pm and signed in at the entrance. They were setting up two rows of tables for seating about 30+ people and all the way at the back was the open kitchen. The table setup was simple and rustic with mason jars filled with flowers and small lotus-shaped capiz candle holders. Water was served in large carafes and in place of regular glass cups were mason jars. The prix fixe menu, wine pairing and drink menu were nicely tucked into the cloth napkins.

At the start, Chef Ang gave an introduction giving his background as well as introducing his kitchen team which included his wife Dian. Last year, he traveled around the Philippines for six months learning about the food and culture. 
Chef Francis Ang
Chef Francis Ang giving his introduction. 

Rustic Table Setting
Rustic Table Setting

Pinoy Heritage Food and Drinks/Wine Pairing Menus
Food and Drinks/Wine Pairing Menus

The “I shall return” cocktail, which I assume the name comes from the famous Douglas MacArthur quote, peaked our interest. It was their version of a moscow mule which used yuzu in place of lime.
An amouse bouche inspired from a popular Filipino street food called “kwek kwek” came out first. It was a quail egg that has been hard boiled and then covered in an orange batter and then deep fried. It sat on top of a purée and was matched with pomegranate and basil seed soda that was presented in an adorable glass shaped like a soda bottle.


“I shall return” Cocktail
Pinoy Heritage: Amouse bouche kwek kwek and pomegranate drink
Amouse bouche kwek kwek and pomegranate drink

Then came the octopus salad which had salted egg, kale, salted egg and cherry tomatoes. It was a nice light start to the dinner. My favorite dish of the night was the kalabasa flan which was inspired from the vegetable dish pinakbet. The bagoong flavor stood out but wasn’t too strong for my liking. Next was the amberjack bulanglang with miso served in a Japanese patterned bowl. Chef Ang and team came around with silver teapots to pour some of the broth in each of our bowls. It tasted like sinigang and, in place of the usual tamarind, guava was used to sour the soup. I’m use to eating sinigang which has been flavored by using the Knorr mix so it was nice to try sinigang that was truly made from scratch. Last up of the savory dishes was the chicken pancit. The chicken was served on the side and was topped with a mushroom sauce and black truffle powder. The pancit was green from the malunggay (drumstick tree) and reminded me of Japanese soba noodles.

Pinoy Heritage Octopus Salad
Octopus Salad
Pinoy Heritage Kalabasa Flan
Kalabasa Flan
Pinoy Heritage Amberjack Bulanglang
Amberjack Bulanglang
Pinoy Heritage Chicken Pancit
Chicken Pancit
Pinoy Heritage Chef Francis Ang
Chef Ang meticulously preparing dishes with a smile.

Chef Ang’s specialty are desserts and it shows with how perfectly the desserts were executed. The first of three desserts that came out was the black tea panna cotta that had a spoon of kalamansi sorbet. It was describe as a Filipino Arnold Palmer. The panna cotta was my favorite as it tasted like a creamy milk tea which was great because I love milk tea. The second dessert was the coconut mousse with a orangey white exterior that came with a spoon of banana ice cream, yuzu and a dacquoise which is a layer cake of almond and hazelnut merengue. The last dessert, which was not listed on the menu, was a bite size ube canalé
Pinoy Heritage Black Tea Panna Cotta
Black Tea Panna Cotta
Pinoy Heritage Coconut Mousse
Coconut Mousse
Pinoy Heritage Ube Canale
Ube Canelés
Everything was delicious and beautifully plated with such attention to detail. There were even hints of Japanese and French influence with the yuzu citrus and the canalé dessert. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced Filipino flavors presented in such a creative way. We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Ang and his wife after the dinner and even took a photo with him.

It looks like there’s two more weekends of the 8 course Filipino inspired dinners left for the year. So, if you decide on attending a dinner, I recommend reserving your seats early since it was sold out the few days leading up to the event. Check out for more details! Hope you all can make it!

Pinoy Heritage Entrance Table

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