The Ube Way’s First Christmas Holiyay Giveaway!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Who’s excited for presents?! WE ARE! We’re more excited to be hosting our first ever giveaway on our blog to sprinkle some cheer to your holiday 🙂 It’s just our way to say thanks and we appreciate you for welcoming us into the blogosphere and taking time out to read, like, share, follow, comment and all that good shtuff!

So starting tomorrow, December 11, we’re going to reveal a new prize each day for 5 days. Feel free to enter everyday once the new prize is revealed. It’s simple to enter. Complete one activity described here and our Instagram page with just a click of a button and you’re done. YASS!! The giveaway ends on December 19 so run and tell people or do whatever you gotta do to win! As we are a lifestyle blog, prizes will consist of anything from home to travel, to food, or beauty items. They’re all really great prizes that we wish we could have all for ourselves! It is the season of giving, and we’re happy to gift them to YOU 🙂 Win something for yourself or a family member/friend/loved one! Feel free to share this blog post in your social media feeds.

We’ll also be continuing our regularly scheduled program of blogging with some festive content coming your way. Subscribe, bookmark us or keep us open on your browser tab because it’s just going to be so much fun ’round these parts for the rest of the month.

Jamie & Mestelle

P.S. Comment “HOLIYAYS” below for a bonus entry!

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