All We Want For Christmas Is . . . (Holiday 2017 Wishlist)

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We’re making our list and checking it twice because this year, we want all things pretty & nice! Most of this cute stuff is for the home and you’ll see a couple of textures we’re obsessed with like marble, geometric patterns and faux fur. Baby, it’s cold outside so why not snuggle up in a Faux Mongolian Fur Throw? We also included items for the new year like a calendar, a planner (the obvi) but we’re also thinking fitness goals like running in some Adidas Sneakers and drinking more water with a handy bkr water bottle. If you’re into plants, but not taking care of them, succulents are the way to go.  We love Lula’s Garden box of little assorted succulents which you can keep as is or place in a geometric terrarium. Some other standouts are just for pimping out your vanity table with a faux fur stool, trinket tray, jewelry box and a luxe candle from Jo Malone London. Everything is reasonably priced and we’re sure that any girl would want something from this page!

What is on your wish list this year?

Fur Round Stool
Brass Geo Terrarium
2018 Calendar
SF Illustrated Art Print
Petite Shea Butter Trio
Cheetah Print Faux

Fur Coat

Porcelain Trinket Tray
Porcelain Jewelry Box
Jewel Garden

Rose Gold Silverware Set
Umbra Prisma Tray
A Toast To The Host
Elisa Pendant Necklace

Luxe Hydration Trio

Hexagon Marble Coasters

Marble & Copper Cake Stand

17-Month Classic Agenda

Glass Water Bottle

Noir Scented Candle
Letterfolk Board

Bobbi Brown

Beauty Manual

Whiskey Words and A Shovel

Taylor Swift Reputation CD

Rose 3 Piece Candy

Bento Box

Round Side Table in

Faux Mongolian Fur Throw

Swift Run Sneaker
Smart Transport

Leather Crossbody

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