Rotisserie Chicken at Limón Burlingame

Ever since I moved to San Francisco over two years ago, I haven’t been going down to the Peninsula that often. One of the places I miss is Burlingame Ave. Since I’ve known the place, it has always been a trendy area to grab a bite to eat and do some window shopping. So when I visited last Thursday, I was surprised to see all new shops and restaurants that had opened up. Dinner for the night would also happen to be at one of those new establishments. 8pm reservations at Limón with their perfectly roasted chicken was calling Mestelle, a friend and I for some Peruvian cuisine.

After a stroll around the street, we walked over to the restaurant located on the corner of Burlingame Ave and California Dr. The interior had a large dining area with high ceilings. It was a bit dim inside, as you can tell by the interior photos below. However, it was a lively environment and great for a casual weekday dinner. 

The food came out fast with our Ceviche Trio coming out first. The trio was composed of pulpo camaron crema de aji amarillo (octopus and shrimp in a spicy yellow sauce), ceviche pescado leche de tigre clasico (fish in a citrus based sauce), and ceviche camarones pimiento leche de tigre (shrimp in a citrus and pimiento based sauce). All three were delicious and refreshing and the slices of fish were actually pretty big chunks. I also liked that they came with Peruvian corn. They weren’t overly acidic like some of the other places that I’ve eaten before. Even the taro chips that they came with were tasty on their own.

Mestelle got the beef tenderloin Lomo Saltado. It’s a stir-fry dish that has Chinese influences with it’s use of soy sauce as well as the white rice that it came with. Our other friend and I ordered the 1/4 quarter chicken. The chicken was so moist and tender that, when I cut a piece off, my knife slid effortlessly through the meat. The sides I chose were the tuca tuca which was made of sautéed rice and beans and the yucca fries. The fries were thick, crispy and delicious that I had wished that yucca fries would became the next sweet potato fries.

Ceviche Trio of shrimp, fish, and octopus.

Taro Chips

Lomo Saltado (stir-fried beef tenderloin)

1/4 rotisserie chicken with a side of tacu tacu (sautéed rice and beans) and yucca fries. 

Limón is reasonably priced and has great food. They have four other locations, 2 in San Francisco, with another coming soon to SFO’s Terminal 3. 

For more information, check out their website at
Written by Jamie • Photos taken by Jamie

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