I Heart Boba Guys

Strawberry Matcha Latte and hot hojicha latte at Boba Guys SF
Strawberry Matcha Latte and hot hojicha latte.

A week doesn’t go by without a visit to Boba Guys. It’s become a ritual to get at least a Strawberry Matcha Latte with my husband. We’ve unintentionally started planning our day around when to visit Boba Guys.

A typical conversation would go, “So do we get lunch and then go to Boba Guys or go before?” or “Should we go to Japantown to have lunch instead of going to the Sunset since we can go to Boba Guys afterwards?”

A 24oz milk tea from Boba Guys is a weekly goal. They have a variety of flavors that range from the typical Hong Kong milk tea, black tea to the more creative strawberry matcha latte or horchatta mixes. Our go to drinks are a strawberry match latte and a strawberry tea fresca with added milk. A sip of these drinks and my week is complete.

Strawberry tea fresca with milk at Boba Guys SF
Strawberry tea fresca with milk. 
The drinks are pricier, about $3-$4 more than the average boba shop but as their slogan goes, it’s “next level quality”. They use premium teas, Straus organic milk, house made syrups, made from scratch jellies, and Grade A boba balls, which I’m not sure what that entails but I’ve had their tapioca and it’s good stuff.

The image they’ve crafted also reinforces the quality of their drinks. The stores are clean and bright with a simple black and white color scheme. The menu is organized and any specialty drinks are hung on small clipboards at the side of their registers. Instead of easily just hand writing it down and sloppily pasting it on their menu which I’ve seen other shops do. Simple things like that make make all the difference in separating themselves from their competitors and creating an environment that is attractive. And, it’s a place you can introduce your non-Asian friends for some boba milk tea.

Boba Guys started out as a small pop-up in 2011 and quickly expanded to now have 9 (6 in SF and 3 in New York) stores in 2018. The more I’ve read up on the founders of the company, the more I’m impressed with how they’ve managed to maintain such focus on their product as well as create an environment that breeds happy employees. Their stores appear to be manned by 20 early somethings diligently churning out quality drink after drink. I think it boils to caring about the company you’re working for and believing in the product.

Matchata at Boba Guys SF

The last time I visited one of their stores, I picked up a booklet from their shelves. Inside were models posing with their boba drinks while wearing their boba shirts. It kind of reminded me of a lifestyle brand. From pop-up shop to selling boba bae sweatshirts and logo tumblers, they’ve come a long way. 

Despite all the shiny exterior, when it comes down to it, their drinks just tastes better.

For more information, check out their website at bobaguys.com.
Written by Jamie • Photos taken by Jamie

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