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*Taps mic* Is this thing on? Oh hey, we’re Jamie and Mestelle! We’re friends! Welcome to our little world we call, The Ube Way.

This blog was initially started as a general lifestyle blog in 2017 but then found that our groove was in food, travel and culture. It’s really all about sharing our moments and spreading delight all around with every new bite and adventure we experience.

Do we eat and travel for a living? Nope, but #goals! Our current situation allows us to eat out almost every week on our own or together. We do cook but not

We’re Filipino-American, by the way, so you’ll occasionally see us getting down with some Taglish (Tagalog+English) and talking about bits & pieces of our Filipino childhood.

Anyways, please feel free to chat it up with us in the comments or email us. Let us know what you think and what you’d want to see in future blog posts. We’re new to this blogging thing so your input means the world to us. Thanks for riding along in our blogging journey. In our best English pronunciation: maraming salamat, po (thank you). It’ll be fun!